Design is of paramount importance but the finish is what you see. Aesthetics are everything, but behind the look from design to completion, GMT`s highly qualified and experienced team strive to deliver an outstanding spa to all our customers, be it one from our standard range or a bespoke spa, swim spa or hydrotherapy pool. Tile design and colour, jet configuration, lighting and water features all go into making every project truly unique.


A Freeboard spa is an enclosed pool system where the water level is below the top edge of the spa. The water level increases or decreases with the bather load. The water is cleaned via filtration, suctions and skimmers. There is no need for a balance tank which makes it suitable for domestic settings or restricted spaces.

Freeboard Spas

A Deck Level spa is a spa system where the water level is at the top edge of the spa. The water overflows into a surrounding channel meaning the water level is not affected by bather load. The overflowing water is collected in a balance tank and returns to the spa to replace displaced water after being filtered. Deck Level spas are ideal for commercial application due to their ability to deal with higher turnover rates.

Deck Level Spas

These spas are similar to deck level spas. One or all of the channels sit lower than the water level, giving a cascade effect, they are particularly useful if a fully in ground spa is not an option. A balance tank is required to hold the displaced water.

Infinity Spas

Vitality or Hydrotherapy spas can be freeboard, deck level or Infinity. Incorporating multiple levels allows for standing, lounging or sitting. Volcano pads, calf and feet massage jets and bubble pads on loungers are some of the many features to choose from. Jets stations can be tailored to suite the client. Often coloured lights both in the pool and in the pool room along with soothing music are added.

Vitality Spas

Bespoke spas as the name suggests can be as individual and innovative as the customer desires. They can be Freeboard, deck level, Infinity vitality or a swim spa. They can incorporate Jet body stations, Stainless Steel loungers and custom made seats which have jets built into them. They can also include volcano pads, water cannons and river jets, along with lighting and endless tile choices the results can be truly unique.

Bespoke Spas

Swim spas can be freeboard or deck level they incorporate counter current exercise units which provide a powerful current, enabling the bather to swim for long periods without the need for a full sized swimming pool. Swim spas can also have relaxation zones, seats and loungers as in a regular spa.

Swim Spas

The purpose of a balance tank is to hold the water displaced by the bather or bathers, once the bathers leave the spa the water held in the balance tank then returns to the spa. The size of the balance tank relates to the capacity of the spa. The balance tank can be made in any shape, ideal if space is of a premium.

Balance Tanks

Based in Chester, this dynamic manufacturing company has put together one of the most experienced teams of spa builders and international designers to create what we believe will be the finest range of hydrotherapy spa products on the international market today.

Our team draws from 25 years of extensive experience within the spa industry combining talents from design and manufacture and has been directly involved with many innovative and award winning spas and pools.

We work closely with designers, architects and pool installers, combining our extensive knowledge and flair to produce your perfect spa, hydrotherapy pool, swim spa or swimming pool.

" GMT Spas International, enables us to provide clients with an array of bespoke spa designs. Of course, beautiful products are only half the story; the quality service is just as important. "

Jamie Smith

Managing Director, LSPC

" The quality of the finished spas produced by GMT is second to none when compared to other manufacturers we have dealt with in the past. "

Andy Lester

Project Manager, H20

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