GMT Spas International


From freeboard domestic skimmer spas and deck level commercial spas to multi functional, multi zone lounging pools. We have been able to supply the time, care and attention to detail that make our products among the best that money can buy.

Examples of some of the projects we have worked on:

This spa has been created to the client’s desire to replicate the atmosphere of their favourite health spa in England.

The pictures show the finished item in the basement of their London home. The photos show varied massage stations with different jet experiences along with colour changing lighting.

Clapham Common #1
Clapham Common #2
Clapham Common #3
Clapham Common #4

A truly state of the art spa and country club that has been designed and created in the owner’s own vision in order to create one of the finest spa experiences in the United Kingdom.

The owner has travelled extensively and has experienced many of the foremost spa resorts around the world.

We at GMT Spas are proud to have been able assist in bringing this vision to fruition, by helping to make all of the wet areas into the stunning centrepiece of the project.

Lion Quays #1
Lion Quays #2
Lion Quays #3
Lion Quays #4

Bespoke designed open air rooftop lounger spa.

Features bubble jets and contoured loungers with pressure point pebbles for increased relaxation.

The view from the spa includes an infinity edge that creates the illusion of the spa water cascading into the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Spas #1
Atlantic Spas #2
Atlantic Spas #3
Atlantic Spas #4

This was a refurbishment project. The new spa below was actually delivered in 2 halves due to limited access. The spa was then rejoined and finished with the same integrity as a one-piece shell. No visible joint remains.

Isle of dogs #1
Isle of dogs #2

A bespoke design for a discerning private London developer.

This spa was created to compliment the pool leisure area of a London home. The finish of the house are to an exceptionally high standard. The property will realise a Market value of £11,000,000.

The tiles for this spa were flown in from Italy.

Sheldon Avenue #1
Sheldon Avenue #2
Sheldon Avenue #3