GMT Spas International

About Us

Market leaders in spa design & manufacture.

Through our experience gained whilst manufacturing, installing and maintaining products already available on the market, we have identified a number of areas where possible improvements could be made. We have used this experience and have developed a number of new processes in the manufacturing of our fibreglass products, making significant improvements that have made for a superior product with a longer working life. Our aim is to constantly review spa innovations and ways in which the relaxation and health benefits can be improved.

The standard finish to our products is Mosaic tiled, using the market leading range of Emaux de Briare glazed Porcelain / Crystal Mosaic tile range allowing us to create unique styles and designs to make a truly bespoke personalised product for each and every client.

For more than 150 years, Emaux de Briare tiles have been synonymous of sparkling colours and with top of the range decor. The range of colours with infinite shades, the variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces allow us to meet the most creative and exacting demands as regards interior and exterior design.

Our one ethos is to provide our clients with bespoke designs for bespoke projects. Made from only the best components and materials available in the market place today.

From design conception to finished product we can offer our clients endless possibilities, from one piece shells, to split shells. From basic square edged shapes to contoured complex shapes. Where before access was a problem now with a single, or a multi split spa, we can offer limitless possibilities. Whether a new build project or simply replacement of an old existing spa the solution is to hand. Sited and rejoined with the same integrity as a one piece shell, by our fabrication team. If it is feasible to design and fabricate we will offer a solution.

CAD Design and 3D Printing

GMT Spas International recently acquired an award winning pool design consultancy to further expand its own design strengths. This acquisition allows the company to offer SolidWorks 3D modeling alongside full autocad draughting and detailing which is essential in todays design industry. For example modeling pipework and equipment in tight spaces can easily highlight any problems with the project before any factory or site work begins which dramatically cuts installation costs.

From our 3D models we can offer our customers a pre-construction visualisation of the finished product as it would look in situ. This can either take for the form of static renders or fly through videos. Working hand in hand with the project designer, the product can easily be modified prior to any drawings being issued. The customer has pre-agreed the design at model stage so any drawings can be quickly issued for customer approval.

In 2011 we received our first scale model from a 3D printing company. We are already pricing 3D printers and intend to add this new technology to our in house design in years to come. We see this as a must for our future modeling of projects and to go hand in hand with traditional drawings.


Our experience covers many aspects of the spa industry both commercial and domestic, including portable spas, hot tubs, swim spas, hydrotherapy pools/spas, plunge pools, aqua features and Mosaic tiled spas. Our ideas are constantly evolving as can be seen in the following concepts.